The AstroHeads are a collection of 8,851 AI-generated collectibles living on the Ethereum Blockchain. AstroHeads will dutifully serve their lucky owners as they explore the globe and grow from adorable infants into super-intelligent beings with unique (and highly profitable) characteristics.

ALERT 50% of supply COULD be burned after graduation

8,851 unique AI-generated collectibles traveling to the Ethereum Blockchain

Mint Price: 0.065 ETH + Gas

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Humanity saved them from the clutches of their nefarious creator Dr Tzarkins! Now – as their culture dictates – the ever-grateful AstroHeads swear duty to those who rescued them.

With only 8,851 AstroHeads roaming the earth, ownership of these unique creatures will be reserved for our world’s elite... AstroHeads owners will watch as their unique companions grow from stumbling newborns into super-intelligent beings (some smarter than others...) capable of advanced tasks.

AstroHeads will not only serve their owners directly within the Klepton Inc economy, but will also double as membership to the Astro Inner Circle. Access is dependent on each AstroHead's intrinsic abilities and education level.

This will grant access to a range of benefits which will all be revealed during our Graduation event...


The Story

Byproducts of complex genetic modification by their creator Dr Tzarkins, the AstroHeads are 8,851 yet-to-be-born Klepton infants growing in the distant Ktushi system. Notorious for his dubious genetic experimentation, Dr. Tzarkins has been tasked with developing a hyper intelligent ‘master race’ of Kleptons for the nefarious purposes of the Klepton secret society, before the revolutionary dreams of the secret society could be fully realised the plan is derailed.

Upon hearing of Tzarkins exploits, the Chancellor of the Ktushi Interplanetary Council sends an SOS to the far reaches of the universe, fearing that all is lost… Within the 8,851 infants lies the key to saving the Klepton Civilization, or so the Chancellor believes.

An international effort is immediately launched on Earth to decipher the signal when it is picked up by deep space probes. A fleet of autonomous spacecraft are sent to rescue the infants from the clutches of Dr. Tzarkins and his sinister superiors.

All 8,851 are successfully collected and transported to Earth where they are welcomed with huge celebrations.

Humans are no longer alone.

See The Future Roadmap


Phase #1

Start: Pre-Mint

  • Community Building
  • Community Fund
  • Launch $20,000 giveaway
  • Organic Marketing Growth Tactics
  • Project, Celebrity, & Influencer Partnerships prepped for Mint
  • 250 AstroHeads held in reserve for marketing
  • 300 Whitelist spots given to elders
  • Giveaways & Community Challenges
  • Reveal Mint Date: 11/14/2021
Phase #2

Start: Mint Day

  • After sold out 150+ ETH will be reinvested towards partnerships, hires, & marketing campaigns
  • AstroAcademy is set up at the completion of Mint. This marks the start of our first school build in Nepal.
  • Community Fund formed for everyone that delists their AstroHeads within 24 hours after mint.
  • 100% of Secondary Sales go to the Community Fund (first 2 weeks) and distributed between all fund members on Graduation Day.
  • Level 1 mass marketing campaign begins prior to graduation
  • Viral Marketing Campaign Initiated
Phase #3


  • 7 days after mint, the graduation event will be revealed
  • 14 days after mint, the graduation event will take place
  • Level 2 mass marketing campaign begins
  • 100% of all secondary sales will be added to the community fund & distributed
  • 2nd Viral Marketing Campaign Initiated
  • Burning Stage Begins: Up to 50% of supply could be burned after Gradution
  • A few shocking secrets in the roadmap will be revealed post graduation
Phase #4

Mass Expansion (End of Year)


will be revealed in the discord early

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Funding New Schools
in Impoverished Countries

As strong believers in education, the founding team of AstroHeads are privileged to be able to raise money to help those less fortunate.

We will be donating a portion of all mint sales to build schools in impoverished countries.

  • 1 Our Mission

    Details on the First AstroAcademy will be announced after sell out

  • 2 Our Community

    As an AstroHeads owner you will be directly involved in this amazing opportunity to change lives

  • 3 Our Goal

    To create an incredible community while making an impact on lives worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer all your questions, and if there is anything we haven't covered feel free to contact us on Twitter or Discord

  • ? What are the AstroHeads?

    The AstroHeads are a NFT generative art collection consisting of 8,851 (1:1) AI generative editions on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-721).

  • ? How can I get an AstroHead NFT?

    The official Public Mint will be on Sunday the 14th @12:00pm PST (11/14/2021). The Whitelist and Community PreSale will be live on the 12th & 13th prior to Public Mint. All mint details including time will be announced in the Discord.

  • ? How much will it cost to mint?

    Each Astrohead NFT will be priced at 0.065 ETH + Gas Fees

  • ? Who will get access to the Community Fund?

    Initial owners of the AstroHeads will have the opportunity to enter the community fund by delisting their AstroHead from the marketplace up to 24 hours after the public mint. The AstroHead must stay delisted until the Graduation date for the holder to receive their share of the community fund.

  • ? What will the reinvested fund be used for?

    Post graduation day, the community fund will be used for promotions, partnerships, giveaways, and to carry out our Phase 2 and 3 marketing campaigns. The Graduation event will provide more information as to how these decisions will be made.

  • ? Why pick a higher supply then most projects?

    Don't worry we plan be burning up to 50% of the supply within the first 4 weeks.

  • ? What blockchain is it on?

    Astroheads will be on the Etherum Blockchain as an ERC-721 token. (IPFS & pinned on Pinata).

  • ? When is the reveal?

    The reveal will take place 24 hours after Public Mint sells out. Announcements will be made in the discord with the exact time of the reveal on mint day.

  • ? How many traits and properties?

    Our unique Astrohead collection has 9 Total Properties and over 120+ Total Traits.

  • ? How is this project different from every other PFP project?

    We are a team that takes pride in creativity, ingenuity, transparency, and our community. You will not see a copy/paste roadmap, basic “utility” features or buzzwords used to build artificial hype. Follow our Twitter for more info on what we are doing differently.

  • ? How many tokens will be reserved?

    250 Astrohead NFTs will be reserved and used for marketing, partnerships, giveaways, and more.


The Team.

Chief Marketing Officer
NFT Expert & Community Manager
Creative Director & Artist
Developer & Marketing Advisor
NFT & Crypto Expert
Yung TCarti
Discord Builder
Community Manager
Marketing & Partnership Advisor
NFT & Business Advisor
Artist & AstroHeads Inspiration
Know Us Better

AstroHeads Team Qualifications and Goals.

AstroHeads was created by a team of digital specialists: Serial Entrepreneurs, NFT Experts, Marketing Wizards, and Artists from New Zealand, the USA, and France.

Our team is committed to innovation while being transparent, active, and above all prioritizing the members in our community.

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